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It is the second sign of the zodiac. It is also 30 degrees on Longitude and it extends from the 30th degree from Vernal Equinox (or Mesha) 30 to 60 degrees. In Karthikai Nakshathra (or constellation) the second, third and fourth padas (quarters), Rohini Nakshathra In full and Mrigasirisha constellation first half (or the first and the second padas of Mrigasirisha) are contained in the sign Taurus (Rishaba).

Rishaba is an earthy, fixed, feminine, moist, semi-fruitful, bestial sign of short ascension. This sign is symbolized by a bull both by Hindus and Westerners. They say that the bull appears with unusual horns both on head and toes. It also appears with a decisive and determined look to go ahead and rush forward with great energy, showing its stubborn and tenacious nature.

Taurus (Rishaba) is governed by Venus (Sukra) who is said to be the owner of this sign. It is the sign where Moon get, exalted. As Taurus is the seventh sign from Scorpio ruled by Mars (Mangal-Kuja-Sevvai-Angaraka) It is the house of detriment to Mars. The fiery nature of Mars gets toned down by the owner, the passionate and peaceful Venus (Sukra).

Physical Features

The stature will be middle ; body plumpy; forehead broad; neck thick and stout; eyes bright: hair dark; complexion, clear; in appearance solidly built and stocky; shoulders big and muscles well developed.


Taurus (Rishaba) is the first of the earthy; triplicity and the first of the fixed signs. Being earthy by nature, Taureans can put up with a lot of provocation. They can endure and be very patient. People compare a patient person who works steadily and waits for the results to come up at one time or the other only to 'Bhoomi', the earth. But, Taureans, when provoked to anger, become very wild with rage and they are dangerous like earthquake. They are slow and steady, plodding and persevering, patient and persistent, enduring and executive. They are conservative. They will never waste their energy.

Being a fixed sign, these persons will have strong will. They will be determined and dogmatic. Anything done is deliberate and well-thought-out beforehand. They will not mind to bide their time till they fell that it is advantageous and wise to act. When this house is afflicted, the person will have the vices, e.g., laziness and self-indulgence. These are their faults. They may nurse such disorders producing fatal results.

As it is both an earthy and fixed sign, the person both in Taurus will have a sharp eye on his money, worldly possessions and impelling appetite for food (second sign of the Zodiac second house for food) and preferring sweets. He will worship money and those which money can buy. They concentrate their thoughts. They have immense power and will. They become worldly and take pleasure in the good things of life. They are fond of ease, comfort and feast. They live in their feelings rather than in their minds. If they were to energise their minds a little more and live little less in their feelings, they will help themselves to maintain good health.

The persons born in this sign will be straightforward and natural. Their nature will be plain. they do not jump to conclusions without considering the pros and cons. One can depend on their opinion as it will be unblased and honest.

As Venus rules this sign, the person will be ambitious and cheerful. As it is the second sign of the Zodiac representing face, expression, etc., and as Venus owns it, he will be ever smiling. He may be highly diplomatic. It's difficult to understand him.

Venus shows that he will come upon a legacy at any part of his life because he will command the good will and sincere affection of his relatives. Venus also indicates that he will be fortunate and Goddess Lakshmi will bless him with ornaments, costly jewels, gems, furnitute, conveyance and comforts. He will also be blessed with estates, garden etc, and his hobby also will be horticulture. he will evince keen interest in such and lead a pleasant life. All pleasurable natural scenery will appeal to his mind.

Taurus being the second sign of the Zodiac, it includes one's speech. People born in Taurus have their knowledge and intuition deep-set. They are not verbose. They formulate their own opinions. Generally they do not go wrong. They hold fast to their own opinions. They do not yield to others' suggestions or orders. They will prove to be very stubborn and steadfast. They will arugue and convince other; but to change their view, once formed, is out of question.

They will be very slow in accomplishment which is correct when certain circumstances need great deliberation; Anyhow they need more some speed to cope with majority of theft work without mulling matters over and over again. They are the best long-term planners. in spite of any opposition or criticism from others, they will carry out their original plan, fight it out and emerge victorious, triumphant and successful.

As Venus rules this sign, in love affairs, they will continue to be loyal and true to the one whom the person likes, even though there may be opposition or upsetting conditions. A little of self-control is necessary in early life; especially when Taurus receives aspect from Saturn or if Saturn were to be in the ascendant in Taurus. For they enjoy the 'fleshpots' and the pleasant things of life to such a great extent that they will have unbounded appetite. One is to try to lead a temperate life.


One should not be so obstinate, nor slow, in action. Also one should not be so selfish nor vindictive by retaining anger for a very long time.


Normally these persons have robust health. They will appear to have super-human strength. They are best adapted for mechanical and laborious pursuits. They appear to suffer from an over-abundance of life; rather than a deficiency of it. Unlike others they are less sensitive to pains. They will never admit physical disability. If they fall ill, they suffer for a long time without revealing it. Their recuperative powers are not satisfactory. Hence their recovery is generally slow.


Generally, whenever Taurus is afflicted one suffers from tonsils, diphtheria, pyorrhoea or from the affections of the throat, palate and neck. It also shows that one may all from cold and apoplexy. Constipation, plethora and similar difficulties may be experienced as age advances. As Taurus denoted throat, it is that part of the body which is most susceptible to illness. As it is the second sign of the Zodiac, pimples in the face and eye-sore always give trouble.


Patience and perseverance pays the Taurus borns. They will be able to accumulate and hoard money. They will be cautious while spending, especially when they are in need. When once fortune is made, they spend to their satisfaction, keeping a portion always in reserve even though they do not risk in money matters. Never will the squander unnecessarily. As Mercury owns both the second and the fifth houses from Taurus, They have the gambling temperament also. Luckily they will often gain especially during Mercury periods. As they have patience and perseverance, they are able to put on a 'poker face' easily, whenever necessary.

Generally, Saturn is held the worst malefic. But for people born in Taurus Saturn becomes a benefice by owning the most favourable houses nine and ten. Houses 9 and 10 denote what meritorious deed one has done has done in the previous birth and what fortune one can expect in this birth. They work for material status. They will invest on estates and grow fruits, flowers, tea, coffee, etc. They will have gardens and groves. Mercury also shows that they will be able to get money for others. Hence they may be brokers, underwriters etc., to collect share capital for an industry or arrange with bankers for overdraft facilities. They are practical and build their fortune on a steady, firm and reinforced foundation. They don't take chances. They do not spend away to the very last paise of their income but always keep something in reserve. They will measure their success only from their savings.


As those born in Taurus desire to be comfortable and enjoy life to the full, they always go in for the best-paid profession. They have great liking to trade in luxury goods. AS Venus rules this sign, they deal in furs, cosmetics, scents, costly jewels and gems.

As it is the second sign of the Zodiac and as the second house indicates finance, they may be bankers, or one in the board of company, managements. Stock-brokers, treasurers, cashiers, speculators, gamblers, race-goers are mostly born in Taurus.

AS Rishaba is said to be the sign of agriculture (Krishi), they may be agriculturists, farmers, gardeners, nursery owners etc. Venus being the chief governor for music, pleasure and social success, they will be excellent musicians. actors, film producers and owners of theatres. Also bill collectors, employees in the revenue or agricultural department, book binders, dress-makers, tailors, chemists, printers, decorators, insurance agents, bus owners, taxi permits, automobile transport owners are governed by Taurus. Those who deal in flowers, mirrors, glasses, mica, plastic, rubber, rice, cows, cattle, milk, dairy farm, ice-cream, parlour, silk, cotton, vegetables, petrol, sugarcane and sugar are also those who are born having that planet which indicates their profession of Taurus. As Venus is famine planet and the sign Taurus is also, femine, one may be employed in girl's school and ladies' club, Law court, Income-tax department, Sales tax department etc. Dealings in earrings, rings, watches, insulators, hats, shoes, leather, hides and skins, leather pocket books, purse, travelling bags, necklaces, garlands, canes etc. are indicated by venus. When so many modes of earnings are attributed to Taurus. It is left to the ingenuity of the astrologer to judge by considering the other aspects : for instance, one is consider which planet occupies Taurus; which aspects the sign, or the lord of the Sign, Venus etc.

For example, he who supplies boiling milk will have Mars, and the sign Taurus in any manner connected, so that Taurus denotes cow, Moon milk and Mars the fiery planet, to boil it. But he who deals with ice-cream will have Saturn and Moon connected with Taurus or Venus, its lord, so that Venus denotes cow, Moon milk and the cold binding planet cools down and bring out ice-cream. Venus denotes silk; Venus and Sun indicate silk with lace. Venus and Mars show the dealers in Rayon : Venus with Mercury indicates cloth merchants. Saturn shows mineral products : Moon and Saturn denote kerosene as Moon is watery : Venus, Moon and Saturn indicate petrol as Venus shows refinement and is also the chief governor for motor cars etc. Venus is Thejas : beauty and Skin. Saturn is for the hair-growth. Sun for wool; Mars for industry. Venus and Saturn show that one will deal in skins and hides as Saturn is the chief governor for longevity and indicates the dead. So Saturn and Venus indicate dead skin. Mars indicates industry. If Venus were to be in the twelfth house, then dealings in shoes is to be predicted as 12th house shows foot. Foot-wear dealers will have Venus, Saturn and Mars as the planets indicating profession. If Venus is connected with second house it denotes money purse; 3rd house shows hand-bag. Venus, Saturn and Mercury show that the native will deal in exports and imports of leather goods. If Sun also has any connection with them he will deal in woollen goods, carpets etc. Venus is for scents and for beauty : If Venus is connected with Moon, he will deal in scents and scented oils; If Venus and Moon receive aspect from Mars, the native may manufacture scented soaps : If Sun is also connected, it indicates medicated soaps; If Venus and Mars alone are connected, they show scented powders. Venus, Sun and Moon denote Anjan for the eye or eyetex. Venus, Mars and Moon in the 3rd and 12th houses indicate the fancy colours in liquid used to polish the nails like cutex. Planets in Taurus indicating vehicle show that he will have four-legged vehicle; Mars suggests that it will be run by motor; i.e. there is mechanical contrivance; Saturn or Lord of 6 connected with the planet indicating profession and Taurus show that he will be taxi-driver. In this manner one is to analyse and judge, it whatever profession they are, they will prove to be good administrators maintaining discipline and controlling others. They are hard to budge, If they once make a decision; they will go ahead even though there may be opposition. If they have partners in business, it is advisible that the partners do not confront them with fresh ideas suddenly, off and on. They (the partners of Taurus born) should wait, select a time and plant the seed. Carefully and cautiously they have to impress on the mind of the Taureans; allow time for them to accept the idea 'slowly; them they themselves will come out with a little improvement or modification to the original idea, regard it as their own and finally put the proposal into practice. In service, Taureans are found to be faithful to the end.

Domestic Environments

Men born in Taurus are good providers and the women are good home-makers. There will be happy and harmonious life. They have comfort, rest and peace at home. They like their own native land. Scenery will attract them. Peace, pleasure, prosperity, property, popularity and position mean much to them.Taureans always supply sumptuous food and give feast to others. If they are not served similarly by the guest, they cannot tolerate. They decorate the house, keep furniture etc., tidy and maintain their home in good condition.

Marriage and Married Life

People born in Taurus are not generally impulsive. They take much time to take a decision in the matter of selecting the partner in life. If once they decide that a particular individual is ideal, they will stick on and will never leave a stone unturned till they come out successful. Since the sign is an earthy, one, those born in the other two earthy signs or in the three watery signs will prove to be good partners contributing to peace, maintaining harmony and leading a happy life. There may be romances for Taurus-born If they fall in love with any, they are faithful to them to the last. Their emotions will be deep. They do not like to quarrel and they hate confusion. the men born in Taurus will have loving wives and the ladies born in this sign will have devoted husbands Love is real to them. They will always be fulfil their social and financial obligations. They will always be affectionate, warm and every-loving. They respond to kind treatment. They are flattered by luxury.

Divorce is rare. They will endure and suffer even untold miseries and never desert the partner. They will have such a feeling that the partner must be sheltered, looked after, attended upon, cared for and protected under any circumstances. Taurus husbands adore their wives. They do not mind taking all pains to supply them whatever they want. They may have their partners born in a higher rank. They may not be already related as the lord of the seventh house is also lord of the twelveth house. They are reliable, generous and faithful. They will never neglect their house. They want their wives to dress nicely and look attractive. They will never find their domestic life tiresome, nor at any part of their life will they regret marriage and look back to the school days when they were bachelors and were free to do as they pleased. Taurus wives will behave both like a mother and also a wife. They will appear to be reserved and calm. They may doubt their husband's love and affection and they make no secret of their love. They will also be equally anxious to lead a happy harmonious wedded life. They seem to care more for their homes than they do for themselves between husband and wife. They are more satisfactory and dutiful parents than they do as partners in life. The softer side of their nature endows them with a gentleness, a peacefulness and a serenity which makes them the most desirable companlous in any relationship of life. Their feelings are not easily hurt. if does not find hasty of ill-timed expression.


Parents born in Taurus will appear to be strict with their children. They may even appear to be tyrannical to them. Anyhow their intentions are good and their children will, in the long run, realise it and will be much benefited. Therefore they are capable and conscientious parents who try to lead a noble family life. The children will always treat the parents with respect and bring them great pleasure and satisfaction. They will be well-built and intelligent.

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