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Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the Zodiac. It extends from 240th degree from Vernal Equinox (Aries 0° -Mesha 0°) to 270°. Sun moves away from the celestial Equator to the southern most of the Sun's path. The constellations Moolam, Poorvashada and Uthrashada first quarter are contained in this sign, Saggittarius. According to Sayana System, Sun nowadays enters Sagittarius around 23rd November and leaves it around December 22nd. Sun Moves daily, approximately 1 degree and 1 minute. To those who are born between 23rd November and 22nd December horoscopes erected by Sayana System, Sun will be marked in Sagittarius. According to Nirayana System, throughout Kaliyuge, Sun will enter Sagittarius, on the 15th December adn will leave it on 14th January every year. Therefore Sun will be shown in Sagittarius, in the horoscopes of those who are born between 15th December and 14th January, any year, if the charts are erected according to Nirayana System. Sagittarius is the 9the sign of the Zodiac. But it is the first sign government by Jupiter. It is a fiery sign, fixed, common, positive, masculine, hot, dry dual-double bodied (the first half Dhanus is human; the second half is animal-bestial). It is of long ascension.

Physical Features

A well-proportioned and a well developed body; tall, large forehead: high and bushy eyebrows; long nose; bright eyes; charming appearance; graceful look; fair complexion and handsome figure.


Sagittarius is a fiery sign, Hence you will be hold, courageous and pushful. You will be ambitious, greedy and aspiring. You will look on the bright side of things. You will not be timid. You will not flutter nor fear and tremble even in adverse conditions. You will be dauntless and with self-confidence; you will work against odds. You are at your best only when there are obstacles. Fiery sign gives you energy, enthusiasm, vigour, vitality, etc.

Being a common sign, it indicates that you will weigh the merits and demerits of each case and finally take a dicision. Aries people will be impulsive and rush, whereas Sagittarians are those who act after deep consideration. You may delay to start a work or undertake any venture, because you would have taken time to contemplate, plan and scheme.

Being a masculine sign, you do not hesitate much to think, speak out or act as you desire. You love only truth. You hold on to your principle to the last, even though you are aware that your action may bring unpleasant results. You will speak out what you feel right, without considering how others will relish such statements.

An astrologer was in the midst of a dozen new clients. When they were about to consult, a Saggittarian, an old customer, came in and said "Sir better you give up your profession. Your predictions have gone West. Not one came true. Honestly i tell your, better you learn more before you try to earn. Not only has your prediction miserably failed as regards my promotion in service; I am shocked to understand that I will be retrenched".

Look at the embarrassed position of the astrologer in the presence of new clients. Another Sagittarian enters a lawyer's chamber and behaves similarly, as he lost his case. Another Sagittarian places a surgeon in a similar bad situation, when the patient died though he was informed that the operation was successful. Hence Sagittarians should be given interviews only when the practitioners are alone. Sagittarius being the 9th sign of the Zodiac, you will try to have higher education. You are fond of long travel. You the desire to develop friendship with foreigners. You are highly philosophical, religious minded and God-fearing. Jupiter, being the lord of the sign, gives you broad mind confidence, truth, spiritual uplift, etc. You will be fond of sport; your outstanding features are justice, sympathy and courage. You will have quick grasp and retentive power as the 9th and 10th houses to Sagittarius are governed by Sun and Mercury, which are mostly found in anyone sign causing Nipuna yoga. So Sagittarians under stand quickly and assimilate new ideas. Your intuition will be correct. You are for justice. If you find that someone is done injustice, you will fight out and arrange that the victim gains his or her rightful claims. Venus generally indicates what one will like most. As Venus owns the sixth house, you will have dogs and other pet animals. As lord of 11, you will have many benefactors. You desire to be in the midst of the opposite sex. You make friendship is a moment and you maintain it for a long number of years. As Moon owns the 8th house, you will have unnecessary distrust and you will change your opinion often.


One should not be so obstinate, nor slow, in action. Also one should not be so selfish nor vindictive by retaining anger for a very long time.

Characteristics to be corrected

If the ascendant or the planet in the Ascendant is afflicted, even though you are mostly good, yet your behaviour occasionally will be inconsiderate. You may lack tact. None else can praise you better than what you can do. Exaggeration and continuous speech without truth are also shown. You will make promises but you will not keep them up. Do not insult or hurt others by giving your opinion even though you may be correct. Be a moderate. Do not develop hatred towards your parents and brothers.


Sagittarius governs the hips, the thighs, the loins, llium, femur, buttocks, glutinous muscles, sacral arterles etc. Hence one may suffer from sciatica, rheumatic pain, fracture in the hip, lumbago, gout, eusonophilia, lung trouble. Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius cause fracture of the bones as also ulcer in the thigh needing the surgeon's aid. Jupiter in Dhanus threatens the native with gout and pulmonary apoplexy. Jupiter in Poorvashada star causes diabetes. Saturn alone indicates contusions of the hips, T.B., chronic pulmonary disease, asthma etc. Moon indicates bronchitis, pneumonia, diabetes. Sun causes defective hearing and poor vision. Venus indicates tumour, diabetes etc. Mercury shows hiccough, asthma, etc. To Sagittarius, Mercury is a Rajyogadhipathi, by owning the 10th house. It is also the Bhadhaka Sthana adhipathi by owning the 7th house, as Sagittarius is a common sign. To chara rasi, 11th house; to fixed rasi 9th house; to common sign 7th house Mercury is a Kendhrathipathi. (Houses 1, 4 7 and 10 are called Kendhra Sthanas). As houses 2 and 7 are termed as Maraka Sthanas, Mercury owning the seventh house is the strongest evil also (other than Rajayoga adhipathyam) to cause fatal disease.

Finance and Fortune

Being a fiery sign, you do not like others ordering you; nor will you prefer to sit tight in one place and work. Your desire is to have frequent changes. You fare well when you are given a free hand. As Jupiter rules this sign, you will be a teacher, public speaker, bank employee, or one attached to any religious institution. Politics will prove to be lucky if Jupiter is not afflicted.

Generally, Saturn is held the worst malefic. But for people born in Taurus Saturn becomes a benefice by owning the most favourable houses nine and ten. Houses 9 and 10 denote what meritorious deed one has done has done in the previous birth and what fortune one can expect in this birth. They work for material status. They will invest on estates and grow fruits, flowers, tea, coffee, etc. They will have gardens and groves. Mercury also shows that they will be able to get money for others. Hence they may be brokers, underwriters etc., to collect share capital for an industry or arrange with bankers for overdraft facilities. They are practical and build their fortune on a steady, firm and reinforced foundation. They don't take chances. They do not spend away to the very last paise of their income but always keep something in reserve. They will measure their success only from their savings.

Finance and benefactors

It is not at all difficult for you to make friendship with any one. In your experience you will understand that you may have some silly quarrels with a stranger on an impulse and you will develop permanent friendship with him. It is similar to a passenger who has taken his seat in the II class in the train and fights with a person, who tries to get in. The person will take his seat just opposite to him. The train will steam off. It will run for some minutes. Then gradually they begin to talk and before they reach the destination, the become very friendly and each takes the address of the other. Later they become good friends. Similarly Sagittarians and Gemini--people will make friendship. 11th house shows friends and benefactors. 6th house indicates enmity and open quarrel. To Gemini-borns Mars is lord of 6 and 11. To Sagittarius-borns, Venus is the lord of the 6th and 11th houses. Hence such results will be given by them, especially during their sub periods.

Invariably you will be liked by your friends. Your sweet smile and quick wit will bring you many friends. People born on Fridays or in Taurus and Libra or in the nakshatras Barani, Poorvapalguni and Poorvashada will be your long-standing friends. Those born in Hastham star will bring ill-repute to you as lord of 8 will be in the constellation of lord of 8 in the tenth house.

Romance and Marriage

If you are a male, your wife should be wise and tactful. Because, your temper will generally flare up quickly and she can understand that it lasts only for a short time. So if she understands you properly and conducts herself tactfully, then the married life will be pleasant. Further the male will be interested in games, sports, Society clubs, etc. Hence he will spend his time mostly in other activities and it will appear as though his family life is not important to him. As he is a person of integrity and morals, with maturity coming late in his life, it is his wife who is to be broadminded, adjusting and accommodative.

If a person marries a girls born in Sagittarius, the person is lucky. Whatever a man expects of his wife, all those will be round in her. She will never interfere in his affairs. She will not suggest anything to her husband unless she is asked for. But with or without his knowledge, she will try to be helpful to her husband. She will be calm, cleaver, competent and considerate. Even though she is sure that her husband is wrong, yet she will be modest and polite to bring it to his notice and with all humility offer him advice. One is really lucky to marry a girl born in Sagittarius.

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