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About LEO

Leo is also 30° in Longitude. It extends from 120° to 150° from vernal Equinox (or Mesha 0°). Makam, Poorvapalguni or Hubba or Pooram and first quarter or pada of Uthira Palguni or Uthira star are contained in this sign.


Leo is the central sign of the fiery triplicity as Aries is the first fiery sign and Sagittarius is the third and the last one. Leo is a hot, dry, masculine, positive, bestial and barren sign. It is also a fixed sign and of ascension. Leo is ruled by Sun. Only Sun and Moon, the two luminaries govern one sign each, Leo and Cancer respectively. Other planets, excluding Uranus and Neptune, own two houses each. In Astrology the luminaries, Sun and Moon, are "Planets". Moon, Mars and Jupiter are said to be in friend's quarters when they are in Leo. Saturn, Venus and Mercury are considered to be in enemy's camp if they transit in Leo. Uranus gets weakened here whereas Neptune gains strength. No planet gets exalted or debilitated in Leo.

Physical Features

: One born in Leo will have well developed bones and broad shoulders and forehead. He will be tall, well-built and muscular. Never will he be plumpy or ugly and be a Lambhodhara. His stature will be full and his appearance majestic, imposing, commanding and dignified, as Leo is a fixed and fiery sign or the royal kingly sign. Complexion will vary according to the exact position of the ascendant, and planets occupying or aspecting the ascendant (or Lagna).

The personality of a person born in Leo will be found as mentioned above, if the ruler of the sign. Sun, Apollo, occupies it. But this external expression, characterising the person, distinguishing him from the others, enabling us to identify him bets modified due to the influence of the planets in the ascendant, the occupation of any sign by the ruler of the ascendant, and the various aspects from the other planets both the cusp of the ascendant and its lord. Every individual has some difference from the other and it can be noticed even among twins born on the same day and in the same Lagna, due to this modification; otherwise there will be only tweleve patterns and to identify each individual will be a problem.


Sun owns Leo-Simha, Masefield says "The Sun still scatters out his store". It is true and the people born in this sign are noble, large-hearted, magnanimous and generous. Sun is necessary for the life and the growth of both the vegetables and animal kingdom. But, whenever Sun becomes furious, it destroys them. Darkness envelopes in the absence of Sun; when once Sun rises, none knows where the darkness has gone. Therefore the people born in this sign are helpful to mankind and other creations of God. Sun removes their darkness, ignorance and evil thought. It is said that Sun represents the Government. Those who have good aspect of Jupiter to Sun, invariably are assisted by, protected by and saved by the Government. Saturn forming evil aspect to Sun shows that such persons will be hated by, chased by and punished by the Government. So, either to lead a healthy and happy life or to face difficulties and lead a miserable life depend's on the aspect to Sun and to the Cusp of the ascendant Leo. Accordingly, the characteristic of the person will get modified.

Sun is the King of all the planets. It is masculine. So, the Leonians have dignity. They will have great faith in all friends and relatives and confide everything with them. They are capable of inspiring affection and admiration and have their purpose served by the willing co-operation of their colleagues and subordinates. Generally Leonians become the head of a show, registrar, ruler, chairman, host, hostess, managing director, administrator and chief of any organisation and continue for a long period. At the same time these persons never hesitate to issue an order or ordinance to protect the interest of the mass. They do not talk much. The main characteristic is the habit of silence. They leave all the taking to others. They will hear very patiently all the complaints even from the menials and also pay heed to every rumour. But the judgment will be wise. They have the large-minded tolerance. They are endlessly energetic in serving their people. They will always forgive and forget the mistakes, sins, errors and deficiencies of others. They desire to be honoured. But there is no false prestige in them. They mingle with people holding high offices and also menials. Since they trust everybody, it is not likely that they are cheated and disappointed as they do not discriminate. They live in a world of their own creation and nothing appears to be great for their ideality.

Sun is worshipped during its transit from one sign to the other, especially during the time when it passes the Vernal equinox, as Vishu, or New Year's day etc., when it enters Cancer as Dakshinayana; when it enters Libra in Thula month and when it passes on Capricorn as Makara Sankaranthi. Just as Sun needs the feasts and sacrifices celebrated in its honour, so also the people born Leo are pleased by the praise of others. Anything can be had through a Leonian, if one honours him and speaks high of him in his presence. Generally, Mercurians are the favourites of the Leonians as they will not mind adopting those measures which will please them, and also mention that the Leonians have organising powers and they are constructive, inventive, magnanimous and ingenious. They will take advantage of Leonians who are susceptible to flattery which may tend to become an exaggerated Ego. Therefore don't fall a victim to flattery but correct yourself by remembering the old adage that. "He who has the greatest authority seldom shows it".

As Leo is a flery, and a fixed sign, it others authority and ambition, brilliance and boasting, clever action and commanding, dignity and domineering energy and enthusiasm, faith and fame, glory and grace, hopes and honour, intellect and inspiration, joy and jubilation, kindness and kingliness, loyalty and leadership, magnanimity and majesty, pomp and pride respect and royalty, stately and scrupulous, vitality and vigour, warmth and zeal.

Leo being the 5th sign of the Zodiac, there will be an inordinate zeal and enthusiasm for sport and speculation. One will be interested in the pleasurable pursuits. In him, the higher emotions are the main centre of activity. He may take interest in music, opera, games, etc. Leo being a fixed sign, the person may be obstinate or indifferent as there will be the firmness and fixity of purpose. He is at his best only when there are handicaps and obstacles. He has considerable will power to win his way to his entire satisfaction. Having full faith and hope, he can accomplish and achieve his aims by persistant determination. Leonians are frank, open and just. Their outbursts do not last long, just like the extreme heat of the Sun. Leonians are noble and lofty in character. They scorn the mean, sordid and puny actions. Never will they stood to do a low act even when they get irritated or when there is the strong urge or self-interest. They do not hesitate to serve those whom they love even if they have to forego their comforts and everything for their loyal and true friends. They never do anything half-heartedly.

Weaknes to be corrected

Generally Leonians do not consider both sides of the question. It is advisable to take other's views, ideas and suggestions. Whenever the Leonians are crossed, they become extrovert. They will roar like a lion and get into trouble especially during the sub-period of that evil planet which afflicts Sun. Do not forget that charity has to begin at home. Over-liberality, keeping one ever in wants, is also not desirable. Sun never retrogrades and retracts its steps. It is ever in forward motion. So also these people will go ahead, without considering the past and also the future. It is advisable to hold up one's desires and aims if the environmental conditions are restricted. One should not be hasty and get irritated, before the persons whom he had helped, show their gratitude. Avoid forcing conclusions at one's own risk and never be arrogant. Try to have an attractive home. Manage to maintain a comfortable-sized bank position. Do not spend away all you have and all you get.

Remember that big enterprises will move slowly. Don's, be hasty. Take others advice. Consider both sides of a question. Be patients, Proceed steadily, Don't be carried away by other's flattery, a flattery is the food of fools. Guard against the subtle influence of flattery. Try be more detached in your feelings. Don't try to dominate all the time as others also will desire freedom. Don't carry anything to an extreme. Though one will he careful in dress, one should not be a slave to the ever-changing fashion.

Health and disease

Generally these people should have a splendid constitution. Even if they fall ill, they tend to recover rapidly from any illness. But they are easily alarmed, whenever, sickness overtakes them. Leo indicates the heart, the spinal column, spinal marrow nerves and fibre. Leo influences the bone, dorsal vertebrae. Interspinal muscles are controlled by this sign, Anterior as well as posterior coronary, Aorta, Vena Cava are ruled by Leo.

Therefore heart disease, palpitation, Spinal meningitis, Syncope, locomotor ataxia, etc., inflammations, sunstroke, giddiness pestilence are other disorders. Epilepsy, rheumatic fever are teh diseases from which one may suffer, whenever the ascendant is afflicted by Mars and Saturn respectively. As Aquarius opposes Leo and Capricorn is the 6th counted from Leo malefic in Capricorn and Aquarius can cause swelling in the ankle followed by heart disease. Jupiter in Leo will protect one from any surgical aid. If Mars affilicts, it will lead to coronary thrombosis or surgical aid. As Leo rules the heart which is the vital part of the body, temperate living is absolutely necessary. One has to avoid drinks, beveragas, stimulants, etc. But one is to take balanced diet. That is why our ancients were very particular to have a 'Sathvic' diet.

Finance and fortune

Leo is symbollsed by the Lion which is the King of the animals. Therefore one's natural instinct is ever to seek for the highest position and mostly, one has it rightfully. One will try to deal with large issues. One will leave the routine, monotionous drudgery and minor details to subordinates.

One is by nature a spendthrift even when poverty may threaten him. One will be able to face any hard time. Generally, fortune favours Leonians when they are young. They will have sufficient resources. Yet, because they spend lavishly, their bank position will be deteriorating as age advances. Leo being the 5th sign of the Zodiac, one will be tempted to gamble and speculate. Luckily for them, their risks will amply reword them. Speculators are very liberal when they give gifts to others. Nor do they hesitate to lend financial assistance to the needy. One will please himself with the sweet smile of those to whom be presents costly ones. Also one will feel proud when he thinks that others borrow from him and approaches him for a favour.


Sun, the ruler of this sign Leo, will influence in directing one's choice of the profession. It favours high positions in commerce of Government. As Leo is a fixed sign, one may have a fixed income, security of service under the Government, etc. It is the 5th sign of the Zodiac. So one earns through speculation, music, theatre, opera; being a fiery sign, one may be a jeweller, goldsmith or one working in precious metals. As this sign gives executive ability and tireless application to work, one will be fit to manage great enterprises. Presidents, managers of corporations, managing director of concerns, officials, superintendents, directors, captains, sales managers are born in Leo. Planets forming favourable aspects specify the nature.

If Mars is favourable, it makes one a soldier, surgeon, chemist, dentist, barber, butcher, worker in iron, copper and with instruments-Mars and Leo favour the Defence Department and warlike pursuits. Mercury produces sales managers, share-brokers, ambassadors, councillors, auditors, engineers, architects, etc. Jupiter forming favourable aspect with Leo produces lawyers, judges, priests, bankers and physicians. Venus in Leo indicates those in the administrative department of transport, travels, food, agriculture and those who deal in glass, cloth, silk, provisions and luxurious articles. Saturn favours mines, coal, wood, estates, lead and plumber or menial posts. Thus depending on the aspect received, the nature of the profession is to be judged.

Marriage and Married Life

The person born in Leo is romantic. He loves deeply and he will be carried away by love. He cheers up the partner most skilfully like an actor in a comedy scene. He is an ideal lover, as he will be fiery and passionate. But he will never like any demonstration of love in public, as he considers it below his dignity.

He will have abundant charm and be attractive to the opposite sex. It is but natural that the partner is jealous as the Leonian will be always in the midst of a crowd of ladies. Therefore, the partner should have proper understanding. She should share his pleasure when he gives plenty of parties to others and has exciting times with them. Unless he has Saturn Mars and Venus in the ascendant, 5 or 7 or 11, she need not mistake the Leonian husband. If one understands him and agrees with him, she will be liked, loved and admired by the person born in Leo. He will fit in the domestic routine, admirably. He will never allow anybody to disrespect his wife or any member of his family. He is very proud of his family. He will not tolerate any ill-repute. He is always conscious of his social standing and is chivairous.

As Leo is a fiery sign, partners born in the same or the other two fiery signs, Aries or Sagittarius or in anyone to the three airy signs, Gemini, Libra or Aquarius, will suit well. If one links his fortune with another born in Leo itself, it is advisable that both understand each other, so that there can be no trouble in their married life. Aries and Sagittarius born will contribute for his happiness and harmony. In the airy signs, Aquarius, Libra and Gemini, persons born in Aquarius will be devoted to Leo borns. Bride born in Libra will every try for company avoid troubles and purchase peace at any price. One born in Gemini will be very tactful and will never do anything which the husband may hate. The Geminian will be an inseparable partner and she will be sincere and affectionate.

The Leo lady is ambitious and ideal. She will manage her home admirably. She will manage her home admirably. At the same time, she is a successful social worker. She can make favourable impression on all. Her devotion both to her home and to the general public is supreme. She will be offered prominent position. She is a self-sacrificing lady with everlasting love. She is a self-sacrificing lady with everlasting love. She cannot expect any good return from those to whom she lends her assistance at the risk of her own interests. A Leo bride marrying an Aries husband is lucky as she has a commanding person so that she will know her limits, and will not overstep in exercising her authority or in spending lavishly. She needs one to keep her under control, so that she can appreciate her husband's good nature, affection, kindness and real love to lead a pleasant prosperous and peaceful life. For, she will have pretty fixed ideas, and she will feel that her word is law, and will expect others to do only those which she desires and considers right.

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