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My response is very simple. I typically ask them if they see any repeating patterns in their life. Are you constantly having issues in any area of your life? Maybe you are always struggling with money. Maybe you continue to sabotage your relationships. Maybe you are battling addictions. Is it possible that you avoid any level of responsibility in your life? Karmic debts can be complicated but at the same time they can be painfully simple too.Your birth name identifies “karmic lessons.” Karmic lessons are simply areas of weakness that you feel need to be improved upon this time around. They are identified by missing letters in your name.

You are here to pay back a debt for lazy behavior in a previous lifetime. You shirked responsibility and avoided carrying your share of the work load. You likely took many short cuts to avoid taking the time necessary to get the job done efficiently. You can make amends for this debt by practicing communicating and expressing yourself in more positive ways. Think things through before you speak. Consider the impact of your words and use them constructively to support and empower people rather than to break them down. Develop a step by step process to achieve success in your life. Stop pointing the finger outside of yourself. Take responsibility for your actions. Own your stuff!  Some of the issues that you may be challenged with if you have this karmic debt are:

  • Blaming everyone else for any limitations you feel in your life.
  • Being bossy and stubborn.
  • Negative attitude towards life in general.
  • Being very inflexible and rigid in your thinking.
  • It’s your way or the highway kind of attitude.
  • Always needing to be in control because no one could possibly do it better than you.
  • Blaming others for your failures.

You have this karmic debt because you abused your sense of freedom in a past life. You acted selfishly at the expense of others. You were likely very irresponsible related to anything connected to your senses. This could include, drugs, alcohol, food etc. You let people down by your irresponsible behavior and selfish need to satisfy your own desires. The number 5 supports the lessons connected to the constructive use of freedom. This karmic debt asks you to examine your use of freedom balanced with a need for self discipline in all areas of your life. You can make amends for this debt by practicing moderation in all things. You need to realize that adding structure and routine to your life will actually help you in the long run. Developing a solid foundation for yourself will give you the freedom you really crave. Set goals for yourself. Create “to do” lists and follow through with them. Remain flexible and adaptable especially when things don’t play out the way you hoped they would. Stay on track and committed to your goals and success. Be open to change. Welcome the unexpected with a sense of curiosity as to what the change might bring! Keep focused on the task at hand.

  • A huge need for freedom which cause you to sabotage relationships.
  • Boredom within relationships and jobs. Inability to keep either.
  • Commitment issues.
  • Excessive interest in sex and numerous experiences associated with sex
  • Battles with addictions including (but not limited to) drugs, alcohol, food, gambling or anything that would cause you to act irresponsibly.
  • Feelings of being trapped
  • Inability to connect in long term relationships
  • Inability to exercise self control

You have this karmic debt because you abused  loving relationships in a previous lifetime. This karmic debt will cause you to possibly feel the need to “prove” that you can be trusted this time around. You will be challenged with not only the reality that others may not trust you but that you may not trust yourself. This number often causes you to “implode” your life more than once. This can include “blowing up your job or relationship” and surprising everyone for your actions. It brings a theme of “rise and fall of the ego.” It is related to the destruction and re-birth of your life many times until you really connect to the spiritual being that you are.  You have likely been involved with love affairs which resulted in a great deal of suffering to others in previous lifetimes. You can make amends for this debt by balancing your need for privacy with social interaction. When you feel reclusive, go outside and connect with nature. Consider other people’s opinions more closely. Become a better listener. Become more consciously aware of how people perceive you. Adjust your behavior to invite people into your space. Learn how to express yourself more intimately so to nurture long standing relationships.

  • You may appear indifferent and difficult to approach
  • Your need to be alone may be excessive
  • You experience many failed relationships
  • You may be self-absorbed and lack the ability to connect with others in meaningful relationships

You have this karmic debt because you were the master manipulator who used calculated measures to stomp all over people for your own selfish personal gain. You used people in an effort to get ahead. You bullied your way into whatever your heart desired. You can make amends for this debt by being a supportive leader. Share your excitement and enthusiasm with co-workers. Help people to help themselves. Share your vision with others and invite them to share in the rewards. Ask for help when you need it. Resist the need to look like you have it all figured out. Be humble in the company of others and admit that you don’t have all the answers.

  • Selfishness
  • Manipulator for personal gain
  • Egotistical
  • Poor self confidence
  • Overly dependent
  • Stubborn without good sense to ask for help
  • Lazy
  • Possibly unable to stand up for yourself
  • Totally driven to the exclusion of others
  • Too wrapped up in your appearance
  •  A huge need for lots of “stuff” to appear successful

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