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Color Green
Sense Touch
Seed Sound Yam
Food Type Vegetables
Main Focus Love & Connection
Right I Love
Positive Qualities Love, Trust, Healing, Equanimity, Compassion, Connection, Surrender
Malfunction (Deficient or Excessive) Asthma, apnea, heart or lung problems, breast cancer, allergies, immune disorders, lonely, anti-social, thymus

The 4th chakra- Heart/Anahata

The 4th chakra is the Heart or Anahata chakra, Which translates to “unhurt.” This chakra your love, compassion and kindness are empowered.

It’s not hard to understand this chakra.

We all associate our hearth with love, and that’s exactly what the 4th chakra is all about, This includes love for others and love for yourself, which is why this chakra is also associated with health and healing.

Location: The heart chakra’s center is located right over your heart and it radiates down to your breastbone and up to your throat.

Location: The solar plexus starts in the center of the belly button and extends up to the breastbone or where your two sets of ribs connect in the center of your chest.

What balanced feels like: When your 4th chakra is balanced, you are able to equally feel love for yourself and others. Even when tough things happen, you can still see the compassion and kindness in other.

When this chakra is overactive

When the heart chakra becomes overactive, we lose our personal boundaries and make unhealthy choices, all in the name of love.

It’s important to treat yourself with the same compassion and kindness that you give others, but when the heart chakra is overactive, you may find yourself always putting the needs of others before your own.

Symptoms include a fast heart rate, palpitations, heart burn and interpersonal relationship issues.

How to balance your 4th chakra

Balancing your 4th chakra means taking that love you’ve given to others and focusing some of it back on yourself. You can do this by doing 1 thing every day that’s just for you:

  • Take a relaxing bath
  • Treat yourself to a massage
  • Meditate on sending compassion to yourself

When this chakra is underactive

Many people have an underactive 4th chakra. Life can send us a lot of heartbreak as a way to teach us lessons about ourselves and the world around us. But, it can be hard to not take those lessons personally.

When your heart chakra is underactive, you will feel like it’s hard to get really close to anyone.

It’s like building a wall around your heart and not letting anyone in. physically, you may feel out of touch with your body and suffer from circulation problems.

How to energize your 4th chakra

Energizing your heart chakra may take a lot of work.

Many of us have worked hard to build up our walls and defenses, and it isn’t always easy to knock them down. It first begins by loving yourself.

Show appreciation for yourself, and give yourself the love that you want others to give to you. Then, spread that compassion to those around you.

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