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This is the third sign of the Zodiac. It is thirty degrees in Longitude and it extends from the 60th degree from Vernal Equinox (or Mesha 0 degree) to 90 degrees. Mrigasirisha third and the fourth padas, Tiruvadhirai or Arudhara and Punarpushyam first, second and the third padas are contained in this sign. Gemini is the first of the airy triplicity and also of the mutable signs. It is masculine and positive. It is classified as a barren sign. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, an efferminate, but an intellectual planet. No planet gets either exaltation or debilitation in this sign. But Jupiter is said to be in its detriment in this sign as it is the house which opposes Sagittarius owned by Jupiter. To Saturn and Venus this sign is said to be friendly and to the other planets it is considered to be the enemy's quarters.

Physical Features

Gemini gives a tall, upright, straight body; the hands will be long. The legs will be thin and the veins will be visible Complexion will be moderate, fair or dark, depending on the planet which rises then in Gemini at the time of birth. The eyes will be hazel and the look quick, sharp and active. Nose will be long.


Being an airy sign, persons born in this sign live mostly in the mind. They will be carefree and joyous and somewhat reluctant. Their mind will be positive and strong. They are versatile, restless and inclined to have changes often.As Mercury is the lord of the sign, one will be inclined to be reading, writing and corresponding often. They can understand people and adopt themselves readily to circumstances. They can offer advice, persuade and argue with others. They can explain the merits and demerits of a case, but they cannot command or manage successfully.

Being a common sign and the third sign of the Zodiac, these persons will have a liking to travel frequently. These may be mainly short journeys by land. They are always active with facile mind. They will always be considering the advantages and disadvantages of each case and hence decision will not be taken quickly.Gemini is termed ad twins, Mercury, the lord of the sign is depicted as a boy, among all Gods, not full-grown. In the ancient symbolic pictures, the twins were brother and sister. Mercury is, also said to be 'The Winged Messenger of God'. Mercury has both wings on its helmet and also sandals. That is why, Geminians are very quick. It is said that people with some important and big things to express, generally elect the time of Gemini as they have the faith that this sign will give sharp intelligence, adaptability and ultimately grand success.

Being a dual sign, it gives the native the ability to follow more than one occupation at a time and also to adopt oneself to new surroundings. One should avoid going to extremes. Geminians may be impulsively generous at times and also parsimonious with others. They have to avoid superficiality. Then they will have insight and capacity-more than enough-to do any work intelligently. They will have dual experiences in their life. These people can be relied upon in any emergency as they can respond to the necessities and requirements of the moment. They have a few faults as way-wardens, fickleness and leaving their work unfinished. They will take up some work and while they are doing it, they will go on to another which also they are apt to leave unfinished. Therefore, they can be at their best when they co-operate with others and undertake to do any job. The dual sign makes them both generous and niggardly. They will gather courage, present a courageous front and assertive attitude even though they are highly timid and nervous. It is very difficult for others to understand them and their peculiartics. They are rather impulsive. It is the impulse that will decide which line of action one will take. They can never stand any anxiety or worry, They love diversity, like the air to which they belong; they have to be moving from place to place or from one thought to the other. They refuse to be bound by rules and habits, They are pleased only when they act unexpectedly, rather than in accordance with convention.

I Moon can be compared to be mirror, Mercury may be compared to a lens. Those who are governed by Moon will simply repeat what they have crammed. But Mercurians are persons revealing intellectual qualities and show all the signs of mental dexterity and supreme intelligence. They will understand, analyse, have a quick grasp with much retentive power and reproductive ability. Then mind will be logical and clear and they have quick mental action. They are always alert for any new idea and fresh interest. They are quick-witted and clever.

The house, Gemini, is called the house of oscillation and vacillation. So these persons are changeable. They are apt to diffuse their energies and spread their action on diverse subjects. Being an airy sign ruled by Mercury (Budha), the native will be having much of curiosity and will seek after facts. He will go deep into all matters as though be is doing research. He will prove to be a good detective, a brilliant journalist, and an excellent schemer, They have the talent for language and Gemini being an intellectual sign, they have no difficulty in remembering things. They cannot concentrate on anyone subject. It is said that the Geminuns have too many irons in the fire. Their range of thought is very wide. If retrograde Mercury were also to rise at the time of birth, the native will prefer to sidestep the truth and enjoy good joke. They cannot believe what they have not seen or experienced. Their viewpoint will always be reasonable. They can understand the other's outlook and adapt themselves to it. They are inclined to indulge in practical wit and ask many questions. They have an academic and teachable nature with a democratic attitude. They have a humane and genial personality with a fondness for good company. They can never remain in ignorance because they are not afraid of asking questions till they get a clear idea and understand it.


No one can do things more easily than the Geminians. None can do them more gracefully; and none can compete with them more successfully. But the weakness in them is they should have the deliberate determination to do their work and stick to it till it is completed. They lack concentration and quick decision. They should not give themselves up to petty strife. The defect in them is that they are always hasty and anxious to know the results than and there. Once they have planted the seeds, they do not give chance for them to nature. They will water and nurture them but they will often be digging them up to see how far they have progressed. The other peculiarity with them is that they want only short cuts. They are able to carry out work quickly adopting improved methods. Events will move faster in their life then in those of other persons.

What is wanted

They should take rest, take plenty of exercise, breathe plenty of fresh air, eat conservatively and cultivate physical and mental poise.

Health and disease

The Geminians are as active as their mind. They generally spoil their health by unnecessary and unavoidable worry and anxiety. Their thin built and nervousness give the impression to others that their health is delicate like a barometer. If they avoid mental strain, their health will be normally good. They should not overtax themselves by undertaking a large variety of work. if they relax and enjoy plenty of sleep, they can maintain good health.As Gemini rules over the lungs, all the pulmonary affections are indicated by this sign, Cold, running of the nose, influenza, Bosonophilla, Pleurisy, Bronchitis, T.B., all these seem to stem from his source. It also indicates shoulders and arms. Defect in these parts is indicated by malefic in Gemini. As the sixth house from Gemini is Scorpio, people born in Gemini generally suffer from the diseases indicated by Scorpio : Gemini-borns may complain of straniury, plies, fistula, affections of the bladder and excretory system. Fever and poisoning of the system is also indicated. Therefore they will have defect in the pulmonary system if Gemini is afilicted or they will have the diseases mentioned for Scorpio as it is the house of diseases for Geminiborns.

Finance and Fortune

There will be a lot of changes. They will enjoy life with a good fortune or suffer continuous misfortune depending on the nature of the influence through the other sex. They will experience both privation and plenty during their, lifetime. There will be family disputes and these persons will not agree with their father. The Gemini-borns will bring about their downfall by themselves. Their secret connection to love affairs (If the planets Mars, Saturn and Venus ruling 6, 8 and 12 houses also contribute) and attachments will bring loss and difficulties. Some may have progeny through such connections which will be a perennial source of trouble and headache.


Book-keepers, accountants, clerks, commercial travellers, salesmen, agents, representatives, editors reporters, journalists, lecturers, solicitors, attendants, postal employees, engineering, decorative artists, school teachers, professors, guides, millioners, photographers, employees in transport, railway and airways, secretaries, personal assistants, tutors, cashiers, clubatewards, treasurers of credit societies, translators, barristers, dealers in cycles, scooter, etc., stationery dealers, engineering contractors, messengers, embassy officials, counsel-generals, orators, platform speakers, etc.

Gemini being the sign favourable for oratorical powers successful brokers and diplomate are born in this sign. These persons are alert, active and industrious. They wish to have interesting and varied jobs. Their inquisitiveness, liking for talk and their sense of humour make them good speakers and ultimately they will be brought to the front of the public.

That is why they are capable brokers, intelligent agents, successful merchants, satisfactory secretaries and efficient advocates. They can read the mind of their customers and know which they like and which they discard. Fully aware of their like and dislikes, they will be capable of selling articles at a good profit, convincing and pleasing the clients. Those who have Mercury retrograde will prove to be good critics and with the aid of the Jupiter's beneficial aspect, they will be one of the leaders in journalism. If Mars also lends Its assistance, they will have the fortune to own a press, as planet Mars stands for machinery, Mercury for paper and news and Jupiter for publicity and propaganda. As it is an airy sign and Mercury indicates art and publicity, Mars and Gemini will produce radio-mechanics, assistants in the Defence Department, typists, compositors or mechanics in aeronautics. Mercury stands for mathematics. The greatest mathematicians are born in Gemini with very strong Mercury.

Gemini, being the house of oscillation and the third house of the zodiac, suggests that the natives will love travel and movement from one place to the other and also a liking for changes in their profession. They will not have the inclination or pleasure to enjoy the sceneries but an inexplicable urge to be on the move. So they will be very good camp-clerks, travelling agents, travelling ticket-examiners, engine-drivers in the railway and guards. The difference between the driver and the guard is that for the driver, Mars will be strong and aspecting the house for profession (10th house) or the lord of the 10th house or in any manner connected with lord of 2 (finance), or lord of 6 (service) or lord of 10 (profession). But for the post of the guard, Jupiter will be aspecting the planet in Gemini as Jupiter is the protector. Generally Geminians are Jack of all trades. Being a dual sign, they will try to enhance their income by doing some side-business. They will be always on the look-out for new methods of earning which will bring them more money than what they get in any substantive post. A teacher may have tuition. A permanent servant in an office may take up any agency and increase his income. A typist in an office will take job works beyond office hours. Or the clever Geminian may attend to other work during office hours, take up his regular work late in the evening and claim overtime. Saturn's evil aspect and also Mars malefic aspect will tempt one and offer him courage to misappropriate. Hence they should never be allowed to handle cash. They should not accept the post of a booking clerk or cashier or bill collector. As Gemini people will be receiving vast influence, good backing and support, they can take up any post, stick to it, without vacillation and worry. Slowly and surely they will rise in affluence and worry. They are advised, however, to be economical and not stingy and to meet all expenses with cheer. Money will not pour in for them. But their earnings are normally, in most of the cases regular.

Romance, Marriage and Married Life

Geminians are capable of making friendship very quickly. So also they will find fault with them equally quickly. That is why they often fail to find a friend to their satisfaction even though they long for it. They do not wish to get themselves tied to one, but prefer variety in life, for Gemini is a dual sign, and the natives will feel that variety is the spice of life. The more the romances, the more happy they will be. Such people cannot be understood easily. They will baffle many of their associates as they break off association with them if it does not interest them. Their affection is controlled by the mind more than by the emotions. They look on love from the intellectual angle and are often calculating or cynical.

Marriage is full of interest and exciting for them. They are lucky if they get partners who are steady and accommodative. Marriage will be successful and delightful if the partner is equally intelligent. Both enjoy life by frequent short trips. The partner should be clever enough to appreciate the native's alert and intuitive mind.

Gemini males need such wives who will always say 'Yes' whenever husbands wish to have change of surroundings and environments. The partners should not take their flirtations seriously. The natives are so clever that they will end any romance if they feel that it is a source of expense and loss. These people will leave their homes if they find that they are having over-bearing wives. They are unable to put up with constant pressure from the partners. Gemini brides are generally intelligent. Their strongest appeal is mental companionship, and they do not wish to be more house-keepers. They will not give up their outside activities even though they get married, especially if they are already in service or will equipped for any service. They do not fell happy if their husbands were to resent. These girls have to be more tactful if they wish for happy harmonious lives. As time passes on, they themselves will realise that they can have either of the two and will not mind giving up one and stick on to the other. For instance, if they want to serve and be a career woman, they will neglect the husband. But if they desire to lead a respectable home-life, they will give up their jobs and take to domestic life with utmost sincerity and devotion. They will be highly refined and will keep their homes tidy and arrange everything in apple-pie-order.

Gemini people will have good understanding with partners born in the other airy signs Libra and Aquarius; because these two airy signs will form trine aspect with Gemini. The other two sign s favourable are sextile to Gemini, i.e., Aries and Leo. Hence partner born in Thulam, Kumbum, Mesha, and Simha will match satisfactorily, their artistic tastes and mental attributes being similar. Natives born in Libra and Aquarius will have such an outlook on things which will please the husband or wife. Leonians those born in Simha should give up possiness and egotism. Arians lack the cultural standard otherwise they are happy. Gemeinians will have to give up the curious trait which will hurt the partner; that is, their tendency to maket use of the same words and expressions of love to two and even more attachments. When one comes to know of this the domestic life comes to an end in fireworks.

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