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Capricorn is the tenth sign of the Zodiac. It is also 30° in longitude. It extends from 270th degree from the Vernal Equinox (Aries 0° - Mesha 0°) to 300°. Sun had reached the southernmost in its path (called the ecliptic) and takes the northen course from 270th degree. It is popularly known as Makara Sankaranthi. When the Sun is in the 270th degree counted from the Vernal equinox, exactly half a day is over for those in the South Pole and the other half of the day, is to run. For people in the North pole, it is exact midnight. The Nakshathras or the constellation Uthrashada second, third and fourth quarters. Sravanam, Dhanishta first and second padas are contained in this sign, Capricorn-Makara.

Physical Features

Saturn, the lord of the sign, shows that one will be emaciated, weak and grow slowly. The body will not be muscular or plumpy, but slender. One grows tall suddenly after 16 years of age. As one advances in age, his constitution also improves. The face will be thin and oval. The nose will be long, eyes deep set. The hair will be coarse. (Saturn and Sun indicate growth of hair. Weak Saturn shows that there will not be sufficient growth of hair in the forehead, Well-posited Saturn indicates profuse growth). Saturn rules this sign. He governs the osseous system in the body. If Saturn is ill-posited for those born in Capricorn, one may suffer from T.B. of the bones or mottled enamel or fluorine intoxication. As age advances, the person becomes hunch-backed. There will be scar in the knee-cap or at least a mole.


Capricorn is an earthy sign; so, the person will be economical, prudent, reasonable, thoughtful and practical minded. It confers on him methodicity and plodding, persevering and patiently working temperament. The person will be calculative and business-like. Capricorn is a movable sign; hence one will quickly execute any work after taking carefully a decision. He will have the push and confidence. He will not hesitate to have a thorough change in his career, if it is found to be advantageous. He will have a special organising capacity and with enormous tolerance, patience and steady nature, he will be at the head of certain projects, however large they may be. Being a feminine sign, owned by Saturn it gives one the reserved nature and fear or ridicule. He will not entertain any hope on others' promises; nor will he be optimistic till he comes out successful or realises his ambition. It is not easy to cheat the Capricornians. Further, the person will appear to be modest and polite. He will not make friendship with anybody quickly. He will take a long time to test the individual and finally make a permanent tie of friendship.

Saturn, who owns this house. indictes that one will be either honest, sincere and reliable or the most conceited, dishonest, selfish, greedy, miserly, never hesitating to commit any crime. Purposeful Saturn shows that Capricornians will never spend their time in idle talk. Lethargic Saturn suggests that the person needs another man to kindle him to do a task. Normally, he will not take action then and there, but postpone it to the last moment. At the instance of another, he will start doing the job: when once he takes it up, he will be at it (till it is finished). Delaying Saturn may not confer success on him immediately. One need not call it as "disappointment" : because, like Robert Bruce, he will make repeated attempts and will finally come out successful. If he is given encouragement, with enthusiasm he will complete the work. Obstacles and hindrances will depress him for some time; but he will not leave it. People who dive in the sea and mine excavators are governed by Saturn or Capricorn. Till he finds the spring, he will be digging the well. Further it shows that one will utilise everything to a material purpose. Generally, Venus presages those which one will desire to have. As it owns the houses 5 and 10 and since Saturn owns the sign Capricorn, he will try to have pleasurable pursuits, will be fond of music, drama, cinema, etc, will speculate, will have proper Guru (Preceptor) to initiate him a 'Mantra' and will be fortunate to have success. Moon owns the seventh house. So one will be always having a company. Otherwise, there will be depression. Whenever they work, study or travel they will have the company of a friend to keep themselves cheerful and active.

This sign also produces many great men, especially in politics. Saturn in the tenth house will be exalted. In certain sub in Libra, Saturn gains such an influence, that Capricorns having Saturn in such positions, will think something; speak something and do something else. They will be highly tactful, diplomatic, clever, cunning and selfish and will not be grateful to any while Mercury gives the native the power to remember one and all before election and totally forget immediately after selection. But good aspect between Saturn and Mercury in the horoscope of such persons is a fortune to the country as they will work for others. They will not have any favouritism. They abide by the moral law. The disadvantage is that they will be slow and steady in their ventures with the blessing of the Providence for ultimate grand success.

Characteristics to be corrected

If either the ascendant in Capricorn or the lord of the ascendant. Saturn, were to receive bad aspects from any other planet.

  • The native will be mostly selfish and egoistic.
  • Rarely will he be optimistic but mostly pessimistic. He will become desperate and broken-hearted.
  • He will overwork and exert too much.
  • He will contemplate, meditate and tax himself very much. Due to overstrain he will feel fatigued.

Hence, the native should correct himself after understanding that he may not be aware of his faults or defects and that one born in Capricorn will have the above undersirable characteristics. He should develop dignity and diplomancy, avoid nervousness and discontent.


Capricorn governs the kness and the patella bones. Saturn signifies the complete bony structure. Capricorn also governs the dry epidermis. Hence the injury to the part of the body, near the knee cap, urticaria, skin disease, eczema, bruises, dislocation, etc., are indicated when the lord of the sixth house occupies Capricorn and to those having malefics in the ascendant in Capricorn. Hysteria, rheumatism and cold are indicated by the owner of this sign, i.e., Saturn. As people born in this sign will be depressed and discontented, worried and gloomy, gradually the digestive system will become weak and it may cause flatulence.

Capricorn opposing Cancer may cause pulmonary affection and in 6 to Leo may cause pulmonary affection and in 6 to Leo may cause trouble to the heart. In a large number of horoscopes it was found that evil planet in Capricorn affect the heart of the native during the period of the malefic occupying Capricorn. It is advantageous to be in the midst of cheerful youngsters. Take heating and stimulating food. Include laxative. Have regular physical exercise. Never jump and fall down. Avoid "High jump, pole jump", etc. Saturn in Uthrashada threatens murmur of heart: Mars in Uthrashada shows cardiac thrombosis. Rahu and Kethu in Uthrashada cause blood pressure. Uranus causes heart failure. Planets in Sravanam star, show affection of the lungs, eczema etc. Planets in Dhanishta threaten high fever, bronchitis, pneumonia, urticaria, bruises, fracture, dislocation etc.

Capricorn is a movable sign. Hence the 11th house there from is the Bhadhakasthana. The lord of the 11th house, Scorpio, is Mars. Hence Mars is not good for longevity. The second and seventh houses are Maraka Sthanas. Even though Saturn is the lord of the ascendant, as he is, by nature, the chief governor for longevity and as also he owns the owns 2nd house, Aquarius, the Maraka-Sthana, Saturn, will end one's life. 7th house is owned by Moon. Hence Mars, Saturn and Moon are evil and they will cause death. It is said that Sun, who owns Leo, the eighth house, does not become evil due to its lordship Jataka-chandrika. By that one is to understand that unless Sun gains evil results by conjoining with or aspected by Saturn, Mars and Moon, it will not cause death. (One should not judge, that it becomes wholly good. Not at all. As regards longevity, it will not normally prove to be evil. But, during its periods and sub periods one will face many difficulties and will be in trouble.) Mercury, lord of 6; will affect health. Hence Vitamin 'B' deficiency, gas trouble and general nervous debility may be expected during the periods and sub periods of Mercury. One is to understand clearly that Saturn, Mars and Moon will cause danger and anxiety to one's longevity in their conjoined sub periods in the major period of evil planet whereas Mercury will repeatedly give, more or less, the same diseases.

Finance and Fortune

Capricorn-borns are conservatives. They will never mind the difficulties, handicaps and hindrances; but will continue to work in the same direction till they come out successful. Their ambition forces and drives them to persevere. They have the desire to gain name, fame, reputation and money. They will try not to miss the bus, but avail of all the opportunities arising. They will consolidate all their affairs and resources. As a business man born in any of the 12 signs during Jupiter dasa one will be going on expanding his business and opening many branches in different parts. But the same business man, during Saturn dasa and during the dasa of planets in Capricorn, will consolidate and concentrate. They are pessimistic by nature. They do not speculate. They will invest on permanent possessions after carefully scrutinising the documents and having obtained enough of security.

They are industrious. They save money slowly and steadily. As long as they do not speculate, take chances and risks, how can they expect a windfall. They do not waste money. If they serve others, they will prove to be most economical, correct, trust worthy, well-informed and wide-awake workers. They are best fitted to serve in the Finance Department. They will always think of the future and save satisfactorily for the 'rainy day' or to meet unexpected and uncommon expenses. Saturn being the lord of Capricorn and also the second house, the native may deal in such things or serve in such places as are mentioned below. Further good aspect from planets to the ascendant or to the lord of the ascendant, Saturn indicates the following professions. Sun forming good aspect indicates service in quasi-government, municipality, local boards, Corporation or Government, dealing in mine ores or organising and managing big institutions. The native will layout money on wholesale business or invest on lands, buildings, etc., which may be let out for rent for Government use.

Moon forming good aspect shows that the person will deal with kerosene, lands and animals. He will be a successful agriculturist. He may excavate wells, build tanks or may be a contractor to reinforce the bund of lakes, etc. Mars forming favourable aspect is necessary for engraver of metal, masons, engineers, surveyors, cement manufacturers (Venus also must form aspect for cement, and leather manufacture), surgeons (Sun too), lawyers (Jupiter also), brick-kiln owners, etc. Mercury forming good aspect produces Engineers, detective novel writers, deep thinkers, teachers (Mathematics, Physics), dealers in scientific instrument and gives chances to work in C.I.D. department (Mars also), it produces experts in handprint, forgery; it is advantageous to those who practise concentration, crystalgrazing yoga, etc. Jupiter forming good aspect shows that one may be a physician or a scientist. One may gain through clubs and societies. He may manage large companies, or may serve Religious Endowment Board. He may gain through lands and mine products. He is also likely to serve in the Education, Finance or Legal department of Government. He may take contracts on a long term basis. Venus forming good aspect makes one patient and honest, steady and sincere. He may deal in chemical, mine ores, leather and hides, or may serve in slaughter house, brith control; may be a sanyasi without any attraction to the opposite sex he may invest his money on gardens and lands. The people working in the cremation or burial ground will also have this aspect. [Purohits, having good aspect between Jupiter and Venus are experts in conducting a marriage whereas Purohits having good aspect between Saturn and Venus are conversal with disposals]. Uranus forming good aspect gives good knowledge in occult sciences : the person is an expert in mental healing or healing on without any drug. He may serve in the Railway; he may practise astrology or study Geology : he will be interested in collecting curios, in preserving monuments, etc. (Venus also). Neptune forming good aspect shows success in secret service, submarine liquids, oils, sub-soil materials etc. He should not overtrade. Then he will be successful. Long journeys on land or sea will prove to be advantageous.

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