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Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the Zodiac. It is also 30° in longitude. It extends from 300th degree from the Vernal Equinox (Aries 0° - Mesha 0°) to 330°. Sun will be in its northern course. The Nakshathras or asterisms or stars or consellations, Dhanishta later half, Sathabhisha, Poorvapathra 1st, 2nd and 3rd padas (quarters) are contained in this sign, Aquarius-Kumbha. According to Sayana system, the Sun, nowadays, enters Aquarius on or around 21st January and leaves Aquarius on or around 19th February. The Sun in this moves daily approximately 1° 0' 54" to 1° 0' 16". In the horoscopes erected according to Sayana System, for people born during this time of the year Sun will be shown in the sign Aquarius.

Physical Features

Though this sign is of short ascension, yet people born in Aquarius are tall with full stature. They are strong. Face will be oval; complexion will be fair; appearance handsome, of the 12 signs, the signs Venus and Aquarius produce beautiful children. Teeth may be defective. The hair has a brown shade. There may be a mole or scar in the calf muscle.


Aquarius is an airy sign; so, the Aquarians will be intelligent. One cannot fool them by flattery and serve his purpose. They can read the character of others and they can find the motives of others. Saturn ruling the airy sign shows that they consider the merits and demerits of every case purposely slowly, so that they can observe what others do, watch and see the results, and then they act. Though they are intelligent, they are a bit slow in grasping and absorbing fresh ideas, but they never forget as they have good retentive power.

Being the eleventh sign of the zodiac, they have a broad outlook human understanding, are outspoken, unselfish, humane and impersonal. Though they are very social, yet they select friends and they are silent workers in any society or clubs. They always make efforts to bring about harmony and they change any condition which is either undesirable or unhealthy or detrimental for further progress. Hence they are above reproach. So, they allow others to 'Bell the cat' which is the, result of airy Saturn.

Uranus, being the other owner of the sigh shows not only they are shrewed, clear-head quick-whitted and wide-away but they have also the desire to improve and raise the mental standard of all. They are always far ahead in fresh ideas, new thoughts, new approach to problems improved design for living etc. They have their own way of thinking; they use their own discretion. They always originate new ideas. It is not uncommon they act in a way which shows that the laws are not intended for them. They will not hesitate to do any unusual or irregular thing, if they consider it to be morally all right. Even in dress they do not dress like others. They have their own individually, mannerism, peculiarity and speciality. They have intuition; inclination towards science. Aquarius being a fixed sign, the natives are very constant in their friendship. They always stick on to any principle. They are usually persistent in all their undertakings and they succeed in the long run. They are best fitted for research work. They are very strong in their likes and dislikes. They are very strong in their likes and dislikes. They will go ahead to do anything for their good friends whereas one cannot bring pressure on them and have anything done, if they do not agree to the principle. They are stubborn but not fool-hardy. This house is the House of 'Kama'. Generally 'Kama' means pleasure and pleasant union. But the real meaning of 'Kama' is 'desire'. In the four Dharma, Artha, Kama, Moksha Purusharthas, Aquarius denotes 'Kama'.

Leo-Simha, the 5th sign of the zodiac has to show pleasurable pursuits for worldly life lkha-Loka-Sukha. But Para Loka. Sadhana being opposite to worldly pleasures, the kama sign for Para Loka Sadhana Aquarius is one which opposes the lkha Loka Sukha pleasure sign, Leo-Simha. So Aquarius shows that the Aquarians have a desire to let physical subject. They develop intuition and inspiration. They prefer secluded deep meditation and good concentration. It is no wonder that they become asccties at least at a time when they can leave this world. They do not preach to other; but they always practise. They are called "Mounis"; they observe fast, penance, etc. They develop their mental will. Aquarians prefer sociology as special science.

Characteristics to be corrected

If either the ascendant or Saturn, the lord of ascendant, is afflicted, by the adverse aspect from any planet.

  • the native will be lazy and lethargic, and hence he should cultivate activity, promptness, etc.
  • he should avoid solitude
  • he should not be worried and gloomy
  • he should not be a pessimist
  • he should not be pushful and alert
  • he should not be very rigid towards those whom the Aquarians dislike.


As Aquarius opposes the sign of Sun, the Aquarians are susceptible to infectious disease. If one feels fatigue on little exertion, one should at once consult intelligent and capable physician. Tooth trouble and tonsils may cause troubles-Saturn being a cold planet and Aquarius being an airy sign, they will not have satisfactory circulation : they cannot withstand cold weather and they have to warm up the limbs and feet. They should attend immediately after any injury or abrasions. They should avoid living in malaria-infected areas. One should not overtax one-self. One should take rest, then and there. As Aquarius is the 11th sign of the zodiac, one's ankle of limb may be affected. One should guard against varicose veins. The heart may cause trouble; it may be rheumatic or there may be blood pressure. The legs may swell. Afflicted Venus causes skin disease, eczema, etc. One may suffer from eye trouble. Moon causes dropsy, Planets in Dhanishta threaten high fever malaria, filarial, ephantiasis, high blood pressure, fracture, etc.

Planets in Sathabhisha cause poor digestion due to sedentary life. They suffer from constipation. Blood pressure, insomnia are also common ailments. Planets in Poorvapathrapada produce dropsy, irregularity of the circulative system elephantiasis, eczema, skin trouble due to poor circulation of the blood, ulcerated gums, mottled enamel etc. Bhadhaka-Sthana to fixed signs is the 9th sign counted from it. Hence Libra is the 9th sign to Aquarius. Venus rules the 9th house. So he is a Bhadhaka-Sthana Adhipathi. As Venus is a benefic by nature and benefic owning the houses 1, 4, 7 or 10 are termed as Kendhra-adhipathi and considered to be evil as they affect one's longevity, Venus becomes a malefic as regards longevity alone to Aquarians.

Lords of 2 and 7 are maraca sthana adhipathis. Hence Jupiter and Sun are the owners of 2 and 6 houses respectively. Therefore Moon, as lord of 6, causes disease during its period and the common ailment for Aquarians is indicated by Moon. One will recover from these diseases. But that which will be caused by Jupiter, Sun, Mercury (as lord of 8) and Venus in their conjoined period or sub period will be fatal. According to Krishnamurti Padhdhati, planets in Uthrapalguni, Visaka and Poorvashada will affect the health of the native.

Finance and fortune

Generally Aquarians make money through modern machineries, inventions and discoveries. The do not believe in earning money then and there for the work done. But they may remain for a long period, be patiently working and after finding out some development and novel ones, they will make money after using talent. Never will they seek for honour, but becomes to them money, they consider, is needed for the worldly life. They are neither economical nor liberal nor extravagant. They have the talent and also ambition. They are both fortunate and unfortunate.

Jupiter which governs the second house indicates that one can be a scientist; one may in the administrative department of a large industry or may be the director of public limited companies, or may be the director of public limited companies, or may be a lecturer, a metaphysician, or phychologist or astrologer or may be working in legal, finance, education or religious endowment boards. One may be a contractor of mine ores or deal in shipping and export. Moon, lord of 6, indicates that one may have the practice of medicine, social service, shipping, may be a sailor, submarine, pumpsets dealer, kerosene dealer, export and import businessman or may be dealing in any liquid.

Mars, the lord of 10, shows that one may deal in metals, insurance, chemicals, mechanical engineering, building construction, mine ores, may be a brick kiln owner, boiler manufacturer, cement dealer, surveyor, surgeon who does post-mortem, murderer, butcher, barber, dealer in lead, copper and steel, or C.I.D. Officers. Mercury, forming good aspect with the cusps, 2 or 6 or 10, produces book-sellers, printers, accountants, registrars, interpreters, postmen, experts in handwriting and thumb-impression, C.I.D. Inspectors, astronomers, astrologers etc. Venus forming good aspect with the cusps, 2 or 6 or 10 shows that one may be a poet or painter or a musician, one may deal in hats, shoes, purses, handbags or chowries. One may be a harber or dealer in blades, dealer in medicines for the cure of eczema, skin disease or birth control and deal in selling the goods for contraceptive practice. Very old stuff especially wine, will be dealt with if Venus occupies meridian. One will prosper as a social worker or an internal decorative artist.

Uranus, forming harmonious aspect with the cuspo 2, 6 or 10 or planets in these houses, indicates that one may be a research scholar or may work in Research institutes, or railways, public service, may be a mechanic, technician in the electricity department, wireless stations or electronics, salesman, traveller, astrologer, engineer or dealer in electrical goods. Neptune shows that one may work in submarine, mine, secret service, intelligence department, may be a fifth columnist, seaman, Captain of a ship, salt dealer, etc.

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