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As you have known now that the energies are placed in corners. The importance of the directions is notably very low because they basically are more influential in guiding the temperament of an individual. However, over and above this, they are also indicators and pointers of certain properties and characteristics.

Mainly we see these directions as north and east being positive direction and south and west being the negative direction.


Mercury is the ruling planet of the north direction. Lord Kuber also happens to be placed in the north. Lord Kuber is the God of Wealth as a result people who sit more in the north direction of their everything in terms of money. Also people who faced the north direction while sitting in their offices will always good to face north if you are a business man.


Sun is the ruling planet of the east direction. Sun is the pointer of life, popularity & good will, It is also a pointer of spiritual elevation. Any person who faces east is mostly going tothink with his head but will also consider as to what his heart also suggests. They aremore sensitive in terms of dealing with people. They are also more worried about theirname and fame. They are also God fearing. Studying of the children should be laid out insuch a way that the child faces east while studying. It should ensure that while cookingone should face east. All consultants must face east while in their offices.


The ruling planet of south is mars. The Load of death, Lord Yama is also placed in south.Mars is the fastest moving plants and has a tendency to give fast result. It is supposed to be a negative direction of the building structure, however in vastu there are no such things like a bad direction. However there are bad and good ‘Padas’ (Entries in the particular direction - location). The problem with the South direction is that, it has only one Pada which is positive. This Pada can be found out by a simple method. Divide the length of south ie. From south-east to south- west in to nine parts and the fourth part from southeast is the best location for the entry either from the plot and or from the building.It is note good to face south under any circumstances for a long time because the Lord Yama has a tendency to give you negative thoughts.


The ruling planet of west is Saturn. Lord Varuna is also placed there. Saturn is the slowest moving planets among all the nine. Therefore it is a pointer of slow growth or slow down fall in life. Saturn is a planet who is strongly a supporter and propagator of norms, values and ethics. As a result it is very important if your house is facing west direction you must live life according to the likings of Lord Saturn.If you face west while in your office you are never going to show hundred percent efficiency, because Saturn is facing you and he is surely going to make you slow.

NOTE : Every Pada in North, East, South or West is not good or not bad. Please refer to the para on Padas to find out which pada if good or bad in a particular direction.

Earth (South-West Corner I Nairutya)

The energy of earth is placed in the south-west corner and is also the corner of the planet known as RAHU. According to Hindu mythology RAHU is the king of demons. The characteristics of RAHU are to bring negativity. The symbol of RAHU is head of the snake.Coming back to energy of Earth, it is a symbol of stability because like said above it is only this planet that has gravitational force. If you were on moon, because of on gravity on moon you will have to hold something to move from place to place, otherwise you may go haywire. Similarly any distortion in the corner of south-west (Earth) will lead to instability. A perfect ninety degree south-west corner in the structure is a source of stability. It should be the highest corner in the plot and the building. It is very important for the owner of the house or business to sleep or sit there respectively because, if you don’t then, the head of the snake is very flexible and shall start opening wide and swallow whatever resources you have. I always say that, empty south-west will make you a rich man without money.Therefore it is important to have a bed room and office in your house or business premise in the southwest respectively. The other reason why you should sleep or sit in south-west is because Jupiter is in north-east and Jupiter is Guru of Gods. This Jupiter has a tendency to look diagonally in the south-west corner. According to Hindu Mythology, a person who comes in the site of the Jupiter will always grow. Therefore unless and until you don’t sleep sit in the south-west corner the God is not looking at you and therefore the growth and stability is always a question.

Water (North-East Corner / Ishan)

Every vastu consultant would like to highlight the water energy immensely more so because jupiter, Water and the Head of Vastu purush, ALL are in the north-east corner but by highlighting the water energy I would probably damage the importance of the other energies. For me all energies are equally powerful and important. The only reason why the north-east corner has been highlighted more is because if you had a handicap of brain then you are not worth anything that is way the north-east corner tends to be focused more. It has been observed that the real source of Water or underground storage of Water in the north-east corner preferably in the north of north-east is like unseen hands of God that is always there to support you and bring you out safely from any crisis you may have come across. You can always trust on the water that is in the north-east corner, It is my notion that negative energies must travel through some medium and this medium is the moisture in the Air. Whenever the negative energies see storage of water it stops traveling and starts residing in the stored water. Therefore when the water energies are stored in the north-east corner, The negative energies happen to start residing there and as they come in contact with jupiter they change their characteristics. Therefore water energy placed in its right position will give right results. Scientifically the ultra violet rays that fall on the earth during four to ten in the morning will always fall in the north-east corner and polarize the water so that it becomes human friendly.

Fire (South-East Corner / Agni)

The energy of fire is a symbol of health and life span. It is placed with Venus - the planet.This planet Venus is a symbol of glamour, luxury, micro efficiency and also beauty.Indirectly he is also a pointer of fame and money. It is placed in the south-east corner the kitchen in the south-east corner cooking, while facing east is supposed to be the best placed. Women come from Venus any distortion in the south - east corner will affect ONE lady in the family and shall affect all aspects that are mentioned above. Here it is important for you to realize that, all energy in a particular corner has to offer something. as a result any distortion in a particular corner will lead to some handicap.

Air (North-West Corner / Vayavya)

Needless to say AIR is MOVING and never STATIC anything that comes in the way of AIR must move further. This energy is placed in the corner of north-west. The planet MOON is also placed in north-west corner. This planet is a symbol of temperament and mother. Any distortion in this corner will result in unhealthy relationship amongst people residing I the house; this situation may ruin relationship with your mother and also will result in indecisiveness. The entry in the house of north- west corner will take you away from the house. If the overall Vastu is good it will take you away for good and if not it may force you to leave the house in a pathetic condition, It is up to you to make best use of this information e.g. The sales person in your office should asked to sit in the north-west corner because you don’t want them to sit in the office therefore if they have their chair and table in the northwest corner they will most of the time not sit there and work in the field area or e.g. The finish product of any industry should be kept in the north-west corner so that it must go.

Space (Bramha Sthan)

The energy of space is in the center if the house. The spinal cord & the stomach of the Vastu Purush also happen to be in the center of the house. This is also known as the Brahma Sthan. In olden days the houses were built in such a way that the Brahma Sthan would be kept open to sky. If somebody tights a rope on your stomach and asks you to eat food you may not be able to eat even a morsel. Similarly a house that has too much weight in the center of the house shall not be able to tap the resources that are available around him. It also leads to the problems related to spine and stomach. (We shall talk later about illnesses that occur from distorted Vastu).

The open area in the center of the house has the capacity to release all the negativity into the space, ensuring that your house is always full of positive energies. I would go to the extent of saying that an open Brahma sthan has the capacity to nullify any amount of Vastu distortion.

Water energy in the center of the house of any structure is very bad. (Remember the incident of jalian Wala Bagh) and also make sure that the Brahma Sthan should be like the shape of tortoise so that your structure is in tune with the shape of the earth. A Brahma Sthan which is in a minus level (khadda) is pointer of poverty (a man who is unable to eat for ten days will have a khadda in his stomach which is also a sing of poverty).

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